ECSI Instructor Application Process Updates

Posted by Emergency Care & Safety Institute on Nov 5, 2019 3:09:32 PM


Attention all ECSI Education Centers: We made some quality assurance enhancements to our instructor application process.

Learn more about these improvements today.




To apply to become an ECSI instructor, individuals must associate themselves with one of our current ECSI Education Centers. When this happens, the administrator for the selected Education Center selected will be notified that a new instructor would like to be added. Administrators will then have to send written confirmation acknowledging or declining this instructor's request.                                   

Here's how our improvements will impact you:

  • This cross-check ensures that administrators personally approve of every instructor hoping to be affiliated with them, for added security and improved control.  
  • If for some reason an instructor request is declined, we will then work directly with the instructor to resolve and assist their application process.  

With these new processes in place, we hope to further ensure a smooth and first-rate experience for all of our ECSI Education Centers, instructors, and students. 

To apply to become an ECSI instructor, visit today. 


Topics: instructor, CPR & AED, First Aid